1889 – The Atlanta Stove Works brought to Atlanta a revolutionary idea in the field of cooking – the Barrett Range – made of cast iron.
1935 – The Atlanta Stove Works was making approximately $500,000 per year.
1969 – Under the leadership of Mr. Saunders Jones, sales had grown in excess of $35 million per year with employment of over 500 people.
1987 – The Atlanta Stove Works closed their doors after almost 100 years of being in business.
2004 – The abandoned factory was transformed into a mixed-used development of offices and restaurants.
2006 – Tyler Perry purchased the land from Atlanta Stage Works for a reported $7 million.
2008 – Tyler Perry officially opened the 200,000 square foot space as Tyler Perry Studios, where he went on to make 16 movies, 14 stage plays, and 5 television programs.
2012 – The idea of Krog Street Market was born. Paces Properties purchased the space in October, with plans to transform it in to a mixed-use ‘epicurean center.’
2013 – In July, Krog Street Market officially announced its first seven tenants, which include 4 eateries, 1 bakery, a florist, and unique gift shop.
2013 – In August, Paces Properties relocate “The Cottage,” a 1920’s historic home, to Lake Avenue & Waddell Street to begin renovations. The Cottage is the future store space of The Collective.
2014 – In August and September, the first three tenants opened their doors – The Luminary, Craft Izakaya and The Collective.
2014 – The wait is finally over – Krog Street Market officially opens in November!